6th Annual Goldman Sachs Promoting Democracy, Development, and Diplomacy: US Interests and Values with US Senator Russell Feingold

The annual Goldman Sachs lecture was given by Senator Russell Feingold of Wisconsin on “Promoting Democracy, Development and Diplomacy – US Interests and Values.” Senator Feingold spoke about the importance of the rule of law in diplomacy, development assistance and the need to strengthen procedures and institutions that underpin fairness, human dignity and economic opportunity. 

During his speech, Senator Feingold said, “what I do wish to put forward today is a specific challenge to those who will take charge of our diplomatic and development assistance programs in a new administration. That challenge is: to produce and implement, as a cornerstone and priority of our diplomacy and foreign assistance – and as a reflection of our most fundamental national values – a more meaningful and robust strategy to support others to achieve real self governance anchored by the rule of law.”