Recent Events in the Mortara Center

Book talk with John Tutino 

On January 28th, the Mortara Center hosted John Tutino, Professor of History and International Affairs at Georgetown University, to discuss his book Mexico City, 1808: Power, Sovereignty, and Silver in an Age of War and Revolution in conversation with Alejandro Cañeque and David Sartorius, Professors of History at the University of Maryland. In his book, Tutino offers a new vision of the political violence and social conflicts that led to the fall of silver capitalism and Mexican independence in 1821. People demanding rights faced military defenders of power and privilege—the legacy of 1808 that shaped Mexican history.

In the news: Brexit

Professors Abraham Newman,  Kathleen McNamara, Matthias Matthijs, and Ambassador John A. Heffern, Former Acting Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and Former U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, hosted a discussion about the current state of Brexit, the political turmoil in the United Kingdom, and the obstacles that prevent Prime Minister Theresa May from securing a deal to leave the Union on January 31. 

Remapping IR: Rebalancing Globalization 

Professors Abraham Newman, Kathleen McNamara, and Todd Tucker hosted a discussion on the challenges facing us as we consider the issue of rebalancing globalization. They discussed how we should, if at all, manage globalization, what is blocking the path to reform, the possible roots of future solutions, and mapping out what sorts of channels exist with which to engage the issue.