Fall 2016 Recap

The semester is wrapping up! Check out SFS Research at the Mortara Center

The semester is wrapping up!
Check out SFS Research at the Mortara Center: 
Fall 2016


This semester the Mortara Center and the Department of Government introduced a new series entitled Remapping IR focused on alternative perspectives to power, states, and the international system. This series intends to broaden the intellectual discussion on who, how and what matters in international affairs.

The Mortara Center's Director Abraham Newman reflects on this new series: "This is an opportunity to introduce the Hilltop to a broad set of cutting edge perspectives on global politics. The series opens up a new space for dialogue over who participates in international affairs, by what means, and to what end."


The series kicked off with a presentation by Cynthia Weber (University of Sussex), entitled "Queer International Relations: Sovereignty, Sexuality, and the Will to Knowledge." Listen to Weber's presentation here.

The Mortara Center hosted 3 International History Seminars, including a lecture on Sämoa, New Zealand and the League of Nations; a discussion on the 1972 US-Soviet Grain Deal; and a seminar focused on the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Lepgold Book Prize Nominee Scott Straus discusses his work Making and Unmaking Nations

Professor Scott Straus (University of Wisconsin) was honored at the annual Lepgold Book Prize for his work Making and Unmaking Nations: War, Leadership, and Genocide in Modern Africa. This award recognizes exceptional contributions to the study of international relations, with particular emphasis on the resolution of critical policy challenges, published in the previous year. 

The Mortara Center hosted 4 CRITICS Seminars, where presenters discussed land reform and the property gap, partisan portfolio allocation in African democracies, coethnic preferences, and the emergence of institutions in authoritarian Malaysia.

Georgetown University hosted its first conference for graduate students on world environmental history, titled: “Humanity & Other Forms of Life: Environmental Histories of the World.” The conference featured the work of students from eight universities (Cornell, Georgetown, Indiana, NYU, Ohio State, Princeton, Stony Brook, and Yale). Environmental history graduate students at Georgetown organized the event with generous support from the Georgetown Institute for Global History, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Provost Office, and the Mortara Center.

Read a recap of the conference here.



Throughout the semester, the Mortara Center hosted various book launch presentations for Georgetown faculty including Professors Robert Lieber and Irfan Nooruddin.

Prof. Robert Lieber comments on his work Retreat and its Consequences

Check out a recap of Professor Lieber's book launch here.

Profs. Irfan Nooruddin and Thomas Flores discuss their book  Elections in Hard Times.  


The Mortara Center hosted 4 GUITARS Seminars, which highlighted rebel governance, regime reactions to external threats in contemporary Russia, the politics of international human rights agreements,  and nuclear dangers in contemporary warfare.

The Mortara Center hosted 3 Energy and Climate Policy Research Seminars, focused on topics as varied as national oil companies, monarch butterfly populations, and renewable energy investments in developing nations.

The Mortara Center held 7 Political Economy Seminars, which seek to bring together Georgetown Faculty from across various disciplines to discuss the most important economic and trade issues of the day.

The MURFs Scriptorium met 28 times as the Mortara Undergraduate Research Fellows continue to develop their research projects. Senior MURF Duncan Hobbs reflects on his experiences: "Getting to bounce research ideas off one another and be inspired by what others are working on is wonderful. I also learn a great deal from hearing how other MURFs think about research problems." 






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