Semester Hisghlights

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This semester the Mortara Center and the Department of Government continued the new series entitled Remapping IR, which focused on alternative perspectives to power, states, and the international system. This series intends to broaden the intellectual discussion on who, how and what matters in international affairs.

Interview with Laura Sjoberg

The series featured presentations by L.H.M. Ling (New School), Laura Sjoberg (University of Florida), and J.P. Singh (University of Edinburgh).

The Mortara Center hosted 3 International History Seminars, 8 Political Economy Seminars, and 3 Energy and Climate Policy Research Seminars  this semester. These seminars brought together Georgetown Faculty from across the university to discuss the most pressing issues in their fields.


Throughout the semester, the Mortara Center held two In the News events. The first event of this series involved a conversation and Q&A session with Professors Colin Kahl and Paul Pillar regarding the national security and intelligence challenges that the Trump administration faces. The second event highlighted the implications and process of Brexit with Professors Jeffrey Anderson, Kathleen McNamara, and Mortara Center Director Abraham Newman.

The Mortara Center hosted 4 CRITICS Seminars, where presenters discussed scaling perceptions of challenger and government tactics, authoritarian institutions and women's rights, immigration attitudes in Sweden, and the differential spread of the smallpox vaccine in nineteenth century Canton and Calcutta.

The Mortara Center hosted 3 book workshops this semester. Professors Oriana Mastro, Emily Mendenhall, and Erik Voeten discussed their upcoming projects with fellow Georgetown Faculty and other experts and received valuable feedback on their work.


On March 31st - April 1st, the Mortara Center hosted the 6th Annual Walsh Exchange. In addition to student panels, the undergraduate research conference included a keynote address by Ambassador Peter Wittig and a discussion on European politics led by Professor Charlotte Cavaillé. 

On Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 the Mortara Undergraduate Research Fellows  (MURFs) presented their research projects and experiences gained through the fellowship. At the Mortara Undergraduate Research Symposium, MURFs presented on topics as varied as informal mechanisms for transboundary water cooperation in the Indus Basin, Title IX and the Olympics, regional insights on 1325 National Action Plans, and estimating dynamic state preferences from UN voting data. 

Senior MURF Bethan Saunders reflects on her experiences: "I am immensely grateful of the MURFs program because it has allowed me to expand my Georgetown experience beyond my classes and into the exciting and captivating world of research.

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The Mortara Center hosted 4 GUITARS Seminars, which highlighted monitoring global food production, international investment law and foreign direct investment, industrialized country preferences for free trade agreements over the WTO,  and nuclear intelligence and international organization.

This semester the Mortara Center hosted three book launch presentations for Georgetown faculty.

Interview with John Tutino and Adam Rothman on their work New Countries: Capitalism, Revolution and Nations in the Americas 1750-1870

Secretary Albright's undergraduate seminar held their annual Role Play simulation at the end of March. The students represented countries on the UN Security Council and individuals on the US Principals Committee as they dealt with escalating tensions with North Korea.

role play

In partnership with the SFS Dean's Office, the Mortara Center implemented it's new Global Governance Lab. This lab included two research groups. Professor Erik Voeten worked with 15 students from the Krogh Seminar (INAF339) on the Multilateral Moneyball project initiated by the State Department's International Organization Bureau. Professor Abraham Newman constructed a research team to investigate the United States Securities Exchange Commission as a global governor. The team included a Post Doctoral Researcher funded by the Carnegie Endowment, a PhD student from the Government Department and five SFS freshman.






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