Mortara Undergraduate Research Fellows

In the spring of 2012, the School of Foreign Service and the Mortara Center for International Studies launched a new research initiative, the Mortara Undergraduate Research Fellows Program. As part of the University's strong commitment to research, a select group of the finest undergraduate students in the School of Foreign Service will have the opportunity to partner with professors as research-assistants and potential co-authors on complex research projects throughout their undergraduate career. By empowering students as generators, not just consumers, of knowledge, we hope that Mortara Undergraduate Research Fellows emerge from the program with the in-depth skills and training to tackle a range of issues in foreign affairs.

Research Seminars

The Mortara Center's research seminars unite faculty and students in ongoing and sustained dialogue about cutting-edge research in some of the key academic disciplines of the School of Foreign Service. The Research Seminars groups include:

Culture and Politics series;
Current Research on Issues and Topics in Comparative Scholarship (CRITICS) series;
Energy and Climate Policy Research Seminar;
Georgetown University International Theory and Research Seminar (GUITARS) Series;
International Development Working Group;
International History Seminar Series;
Political Economy Seminar

Research seminar sessions bring together Georgetown faculty, students, and invited scholars from across various disciplines to share ideas, critique working papers, and collaborate on research. These substantive meetings are made possible through partnerships with the Departments of History, Government and the Georgetown Public Policy Institute.

Visiting Mortara Researchers

The Mortara Center for International Studies offers qualified candidates the opportunity to become Visiting Mortara Researchers for a period of up to one year at the Georgetown University Washington, DC campus. A Visiting Mortara Researcher will be an established professional - either a scholar or a scholar/practitioner - undertaking research on a topic of international significance that combines theory and practice and is rigorous and scholarly in orientation.

Mortara Center Working Paper Series

The Mortara Center Working Paper Series serves as a repository and showcase for research that is conducted at Georgetown University. The theme of the series is international affairs, broadly conceived, and the series is intended to advance scholarship on the fundamental forces - political, economic, cultural, and ideological - that shape international relations. All papers are stored digitally with the Georgetown Library.

If you have questions about the Series or would like to submit a paper, please contact Dr. James Raymond Vreeland, Associate Professor, School of Foreign Service and Government Department or Dr. Kathleen R. McNamara, Director, Mortara Center for International Studies
Associate Professor of Government and Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Mortara Faculty Fellows

The 2017-18 academic year marks the launch of the new Mortara Faculty Fellows program. This program supports faculty research and spurs interdisciplinary engagement. The first cohort will focus on two clusters: Globalization and Disorder and Social Stratification. Faculty Fellows will engage in a multiyear effort to address these issues.

Remapping IR

Remapping IR, cosponsored by the Department of Government, is a new series highlighting diverse approaches to the study of International Relations.

Global Governance Lab

In partnership with the SFS Dean's office, Mortara launched its first Global Governance lab in the 2016-2017 academic year. For this first iteration, Mortara Director Abraham Newman and Professor Erik Voeten assembled research teams to focus on various aspects of global governance. Read more about the Global Governance Lab here.