Visiting Mortara Researchers

The Mortara Center for International Studies on the campus of Georgetown University offers qualified candidates the opportunity to become Visiting Mortara Researchers for a period of one semester or one year, with the option to renew for up to three years. A Visiting Mortara Researcher will be an established professional - either a scholar or a scholar/practitioner (with a PhD or near completion) - undertaking research on a topic of international significance that combines theory and practice and is rigorous and scholarly in orientation. Regionally specific research should reach out to the corresponding SFS Program or Center. 

Upon acceptance, a Visiting Mortara Researcher will be invited to Walsh School of Foreign Service activities and have access to the University library as well as shared workspace in the Mortara Building. Unfortunately, the Mortara Center cannot at this time offer staff assistance or financial support. In exchange, the Visiting Researcher will provide an agreed service to the Mortara Center, including the submission of a working paper to be posted on the Mortara Center website, chairing a not-for-credit seminar series, organizing a seminar presentation, panel or conference open to Georgetown students and faculty (and of potential interest to them) or other possible services as appropriate.

Applications for a Visiting Mortara Research position will be considered on a rolling basis. For more information on Georgetown's Visiting Researcher Program, including semester fee assessments, please visit After you have reviewed the application information, please send the appropriate materials to the Center administration at