The Mortara Center

Officially opened in January 2003, the Mortara Center for International Studies promotes scholarly, interdisciplinary research by faculty and students, advancing policy-relevant knowledge about international political, social, and economic issues, and generating communities of research and practice on key global concerns.


The Mortara Center for International Studies seeks to advance scholarship and inform policy by combining the expertise of scholars and the experience of international affairs practitioners to illuminate the fundamental forces — political, economic, and cultural — that shape international relations. To realize this mission, the Center organizes and co-sponsors lectures, workshops, and conferences; provides support for research and publications; and generates communities of research.

Annual Reports
Current Year Annual Report

Highlights from this year's annual report:

10th Anniversary
On Thursday, April 23 the Mortara Center celebrated a decade of extraordinary accomplishment with a festive cocktail reception at the Mortara building. Attendees included Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, pictured here with two of her teaching assistants Kathleen Bouzis and Michelle Lillie. 



MURF Symposium
Mortara undergraduate research fellows Samantha Mladen, Elaine Colligan (SFS '15), Soumyajit Mazumder (SFS '15), and Duncan Hobbs (SFS '17) presented their research and shared their experiences at the second annual MURF Symposium. 



Lepgold Book Prize
The Lepgold Committee awarded the 2013 Lepgold Prize to Professor Julia Gray (University of Pennsylvania) for her book The Company States Keep (Cambridge University Press, 2013). In this book Gray argues that joining regional institutions shapes how investors view countries, far beyond what pragmatic economic conditions would warrant. 




Book Talks
The Mortara Center hosted 9 Book Talks, including Jonathan Kirshner speaking about his book American Power after the Financial Crisis on October 31, 2014. 

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Past Annual Reports


Mortara Center: An Intellectual Hub

An article in the Georgetown Magazine introduced readers to the history, mission and goals of the Mortara Center.