Message from the Director

Dear Friends of the Mortara Center,
This summer we began a leadership transition at the Mortara Center as Kathleen McNamara returned to the faculty after heading up the Center for the past six years. In her tenure as Director, she transformed the Mortara Center into the intellectual hub for interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration at the School of Foreign Service. From research seminars to book workshops to public lectures, the Mortara Center knits together the Georgetown community interested in international studies creating a space where ideas are shared and developed. We are grateful for her contribution to the Center and the School.
During the next few years, I hope to build on Professor McNamara’s extraordinary leadership. In particular, I plan to focus on two parts of Mortara’s mission. The first is supporting the research efforts of faculty and students in the School. Georgetown has unparalleled brainpower devoted to understanding the global challenges that face our planet. From climate change to financial crisis to terrorism, SFS faculty and students are working daily to help our country and the world grapple with these complex problems. Mortara will continue to serve as a vital convener for the SFS community and at the same time work to catalyze cutting-edge research that brings together teams of scholars and students working on these global challenges.
The second is helping researchers disseminate these important findings beyond the Hilltop. Mortara is strategically positioned to assist in the translation of these insights so that they can reach the larger community, policy-makers in Washington DC, and globally. Mortara will work with researchers to synthesize their findings, promote them in blogs and social media, and make connections to the media. I hope that you will come to the next Mortara event and be inspired by the breadth of international studies at Georgetown.
Abraham Newman
Director, Mortara Center for International Studies
Associate Professor, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service